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I want to have a give away 'cause it's the holiday season!!!

ETA Dec 20; We have a winner! Congratulations sharonskinner!!!

Thanks to EVERYONE for playing! I hope you'll come play again sometime!

I want to give away one item from my CafePress shop Pickled Pixel Toe to one person! You know the drill, comment to this post telling me about something from my shop you like and get one name in. Comment and then post about it on your blog and get two names in. I will take names until midnight, Arizona time, on Friday, December 19th. You won't get it in time for Christmas, so consider it a gift for YOU. We will draw one name on Saturday and post the winner by Saturday evening.
I hope you all enter and GOOD LUCK!

ETA: The Flip Mino and anything else that would cost me a car payment is excluded. Thank you.
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